Crystal-chips is a small business in west somerset. Debbie Brown set it up after she began making jewellery for herself as an aid to recovery from illness.  Friends and family asked for copies of the jewellery she was making for herself in different gemstones and metals, so she was kept busy making lots more. After being asked many times by friends and customers she set up a website and began making jewellery for people all around the country and now around the world.

At Crystal Chips we love making jewellery that people are delighted to wear and have created themselves by picking the design, clasp, length and beads. The same piece can look totally different with chip beads, nuggets or round beads. We are constantly being surprised and delighted with combinations that our customers choose.

Along with our website we also have shops on ebay and etsy where we sell many different designs and one off pieces of jewellery. We sell loads of jewellery on their websites and have excellent feedback and great reviews. We also do the occasional craft fair and summer fete etc.

Debbie has the illness M.E. so we don't do craft fairs and market stalls very often. If you would like to speak to her about her handmade jewellery or about M.E. she would be pleased to talk to you. After 1pm please.

 You can contact Debbie at 


Our address is 28 Half Acre, Williton, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 4NZ.

Our telephone number is 01984 631050 Please call after 1pm.