This page shows a selection of the beads we keep in stock. It is a helping hand if you would like some inspiration. You can have gemstones in pretty much any shape, colour and size (within reason) for the same price as the piece of jewellery listed. We keep loads more gemstones and pearl beads than shown, but can't fit them all on the page. If you would like beads that are not shown please order as normal. If we don't have them we will get them in for you. We will keep you informed after you order. If we cannot get the beads you would like for the price required we will offer an alternative or give you a full refund.

If you click on each photo it will make it much bigger and easier to see.

The pearl jewellery is on a separate page than the gemstone jewellery due to the price difference. If you would like your jewellery made in freshwater pearl beads please see the "pretty in pearls" page or ask for a quote.

To let us know the beads you would like when you order you can type the beads you would like into the colour box of the jewellery item you are buying or let us know when we email to confirm your order with you.